Draw in real time
with a friend

Easy as on paper, practical as digital

Either alone or with a friend

Create unique digital artwork

As easy as on paper

Collaborate in real time with a friend

Share your art in a new way


What is Drawith.me ?

Free and simple to use innovative tool to make collaborative art.
You can draw together with someone else, from everywhere, in real time.

Create like never before

Take advantage of powerfull digital features like multiple layers, zoom and history.

Draw together no matter where you are

Share your digital piece of paper with someone else with just one click.

Drawith.me Geolocalisation

An all new way to collaborate and share

A digital sheet of paper geolocalised around the world

Upcoming Features

We constantly update Drawith.me and release new features every now and then to provide the best experience to our users. From unique brushes to advanced tools, Drawith.me is more than just a digital paper. Everybody will be sharing in a more and more collaborative and engaging way. Our community of users is very active, if you want to share ideas, just drop a comment on our social media accounts.
We always listen to all inputs!

Infinite geolocalised paper

Permanent share of artboards

Customisation of all brushes

Audiocall while working together

Try it now
And stay tuned!

We release new features regularly, make sure to follow us and above all,
start having fun on Drawith.me!