• Our bun in the oven


    Our wish list is infinite, and so are the possibilities. You ask and we listen. Thanks to our wide audience and very engaging community of TikTok we are developing more and more features on a monthly basis.

    But let's take a step back. First and foremost a HUGE thank you to our followers that keep using Drawith.me, either alone or with a friend.

    We have registered more than 2000 visitors per day from all over the world!

    If you are interested in the overall results so far, check our monthly numbers on the News section.

    We are beyond excited to see how many people are enjoying collaborative art and we look forward to seeing this number growing!

    But how?

    By giving you more!

    We will soon release more advanced tools so that everyone can bring digital illustra- tion to the next level. For fun, to study, to make profesional artboards or just to enjoy doing it with someone else remotely!

    In our pipeline there are:

    Infinite geolocalised paper

    Permanent share of artboards

    Customisation of all brushes

    Audiocall while working together

    We will be busy in the upcoming months, but this is only the beginning!

  • The WHAT, WHY, HOW, WHEN & WHERE of Drawith.me


    Drawith.me was born many years ago as a side coding project. Driven by the passion for illustration and digital art, it started taking shape last summer in a small garden in Brussels, and the very first beta version was released in August 2021.

    The goal was clear and simple: to allow everyone to collaborate and share their creations with other fellow illustrators. It doesn't matter where you are or what your background is, it just takes one simple click to start making your own fantastic world with other illustrators, from amatorials to professionals.

    Since then a new beta version was released in October 2022, allowing users to have more advanced features for drawing both with someone else or alone. No need for complicated or elaborated interface, everything is as simple as drawing on a traditional paper with all your tools spread on the table: from pencils to brushes, and from rulers to erasers. But we wanted to take it one step further and add the practicality of the digital: Users can create intricate artboards by

    drawing on multiple layers, zooming in and out, resizing and picking colors with transparency and textures.

    It became pretty intuitive and easy for any first user, but also detailed and advanced for those who wanted to create something more elaborate.

    Once logged in, you can take advantage of:






    Transparency and Resize


    Create on your own

    Create with a friend

    Auto save


    And this is only the beginning! Drawith.me is a constant work in progress, we work every day to give the best experience and tools: our pipeline is filled with features that will be released every now and then. If you have any suggestion or want a specific tool, join our active community on TikTok. We silently read all inputs and make sure to implement the best ones.

    Stay tuned, there is so much more to come!

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